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Anti Corrosion Coating

Anti Corrosion Coating plays an important role in providing protection to the different metal and concrete surfaces from natural degradation, extreme temperature and sunlight. Anti Corrosion Coating is provided in different forms to cater to variable requirements. Anti Corrosion Coating is provided as Structural Coating, Tank Coating, and Acid Resistant Coating. Our Anti Corrosion Coating services are delivered with the aid of the experts who use the best quality raw materials in the process and provide desired results.

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Structural Coating is done by using Doroxy AC4 which is an Epoxy Finish Paint. It is an epoxy top coat recommended for application on metal and concrete surfaces after proper surface preparation, priming etc. It is a pigmented epoxy binder with separate polyamide hardener. Structural Coating provides excellent adhesion and much higher degree of protection against natural weather, highly corrosive and humid atmospheres.

We provide excellent Tank Coating services which are essential for different types of surfaces in various environmental conditions. Tank Coating saves a surface against a number of factors such as chemicals and solvent exposure, environmental degradation like natural weather, humid and corrosive atmosphere.


Dorothane 23 P.U.Finsh Paint is acrylic aliphatic polyurethane having an excellent gloss and color retention with outstanding weather resistance. It is hard, flexible and abrasion resistance. It is resistance to splash and spillage of mild chemicals, acids and alkalis. Acid Resistant Coating is used in new construction and maintenance services over properly primed surfaces in chemical plants, fertilizer units, refineries situated in coastal areas exposed to severe saline atmosphere.