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Dorocoat Wall Coating

We offer excellent Dorocoat Wall Coating services to our esteemed clients. We use one pack acrylic copolymer composition with excellent qualities. Dorocoat Wall Coating is water resistance, weathering resistance, extra ordinary adhesiveness, fast drying, and flexible film with breathing properties.

Recommended Uses :
Excellent composition for exterior coatings on Walls and Roofs to stop water ingress. When applied on external walls it provides a tough watertight barrier and also decorative appeal. When applied on roof, the coating should be protected from mechanical damage and wear and tear. Reinforcement with synthetic fiber mesh is recommended where movement in substrata is expected.

Surface Preparation :
Cement concrete surface should be free of dust and loose particles. It should be thoroughly abraded by a wire brush and loosened particles should be removed by washing or blown air. The surface should be free of any oil or grease. It can be applied on damp and moist surface also. It is used as a protective coating on Sprayed Polyurethane foam on roofs.

Special Instructions :
  • Stir the contents of drum containing base thoroughly to disperse settled matter.

Method Of Application :
  • Dilute Dorocoat with water in the ratio 1:2. Apply it as a primer coat by brush

Applications :
  • Apply first coat of Dorocoat on the primed surface.
  • Apply second coat with inter coat interval of minimum 4 hrs.

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