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Doroshield Wall Coating

Doroshield Wall Coating

Doroshield Wall Coating is one pack acrylic based elastomeric coating for protective and decorative applications. The micro-porous structure of the coating acts as a barrier to the ingress of Chlorides and Carbon Dioxide and other acid gases, but allows the passage of water vapor from the substrate. The elastomeric nature of Doroshield Wall Coating ensures good crack bridging properties, in case of structural Movement.

Advantages :
  • U. V. Resistance
  • Single pack and easy to apply
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Protects substrates from Carbonation
  • Elastic nature with crack bridging properties
  • Allows structure to âbreatheâ
  • Water based and non-toxic
  • Highly flexible & durable
  • Resists fungi & algae growth
  • Large range of durable colors
  • Vapor permeable (allows façade substrate to breath)
  • Prevents salt and carbon dioxide attack

Uses :
  • Building exteriors
  • Car Park Deck
  • Bridges
  • Infrastructure project jobs

Surface Preparation :
Cement concrete surface should be free of dust, algae, any existing loose or flaking paintwork. It should be thoroughly abraded by a wire brush and loosened particles should be removed by washing or blown air. The surface should be free of any oil or grease.

Special Instruction :
  • Stir the contents of drum containing base thoroughly to disperse settled matter.

Method Of Application :
  • Dilute Doroshield with water in the ratio 1:2. Apply it as a primer coat by brush application
  • Apply first coat of Doroshield on the primed surface
  • Apply second coat with inter coat interval of minimum 4 hrs

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