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Interior Wall Coating

Interior Wall Coating

Interior Wall Coating is an effective way to keep the walls in good condition by protecting them against various damaging factors. We use high performance acrylic latex based weatherproofing sealer coating for maintaining natural look of stones on building exteriors. Interior Wall Coating offers long term protection, retention of good aesthetics and retaining stone cast due to excellent UV and fungus resistance. These Interior Wall Coating services are total value for money as they keep the walls safe for long period of time.

Attributes :
  • Seals the pores and forms a smooth film
  • Fungus Control - Due to incorporation of highly effective broad spectrum fungicide, it offers long term protection against fungal growth
  • UV Resistance - It is completely resistant to UV radiation
  • Excellent Breathability - Coating is permeable to water vapor
  • No chalking and peeling

Methods Of Application :
  • Surface Preparation :
    The surface should be washed and cleaned to remove dust, dirt, if any and laitence. All stone joints should be properly sealed with non shrink grouts or suitable sealents. The surface should be free of any oil and grease.
  • Top Coats :
    Apply one coat of DURASHIELD-WB on a properly prepared surface for sealing the pores. If a thicker film is desired more coats may be applied.

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