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Roof Insulation Coating

We present exclusive Roof Insulation Coating services which keep the roof maintained and secure. Our Roof Insulation Coating services are offered as PU Roof Insulation Coating, Acrylic Roof Insulation Coating and Polymer Roof Insulation Coating. Roof Insulation Coating is done with the help of the best quality materials to keep the surface smooth and protected. Roof Insulation Coating saves the Terrace from moister and repeated changes in temperature making it look attractive as ever.

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We offer premium PU Roof Coating services which are provided with the aid of experts. We use Doroflex-FR which is a specially formulated solvent based coating suitable for the protection of flexible thermal insulation materials against sunlight, U.V radiation and chemical attack. To increase resistance to damage the coating may be further strengthened by sandwiching a glass fiber mesh between two coats of Doorflex-FR which is quite easy to apply.

Acrylic Roof Coating is a highly flexible, water-based, advanced acrylic coating that combines high reflectivity with good weatherability. Its ultraviolet resistance, tenacious adhesion and ease of application make Acrylic Roof Coating an effective solution to extend the life of a wide range of new or existing roofing substrates. Acrylic Roof Coating was developed to extend the life of new or existing built-up, metal, concrete, single-ply and composite single roofs by providing a waterproof, white reflective topcoat.

We bring forth the finest Polymer Roof Coating services that are done with the use of two pack polymers modified cementitious elastomeric coating system. Here, we provide waterproof coating by application of brush or trowel of the mixed material. Polymer Roof Coating is extremely important for the waterproofing of concrete surface and protection of concrete.