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Waterproof Coating

We provide Waterproof Coating on different surfaces in order to protect them from adverse affects of constant exposure to air and moisture. Waterproof Coating is done with the use of specialized chemical and process and is highly effective. We offer these Waterproof Coating services in different forms such as Toilet Coating and Landscape Coating. Our Landscape Coating services are a complete value for your money as we use the best quality materials in the process.

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We have come up with the exclusive Toilet Coating services. Toilet Coating is needed to provide flexibility to cementitious waterproofing system. Toilet Coating is required to keep the walls of the toilet safe from degradation caused by different environmental factors. We use the best quality Synthetic Polymer Dispersion in our Toilet Coating process so as to ensure overall protection to the walls.

Versatile polymer dispersion with extraordinary properties like bonding, flexibility, shrinkage resistance, etc. is used for various cementitious admix applications. Landscape Coating acts as an excellent bond between the new and old cement plaster. Landscape Coating makes the walls waterproof and prepare them to withstand adverse environmental conditions.

Two pack polymer modified cementitious elastomeric coating system Purpose Waterproofing of concrete surface and protection of concrete.